Pavlov VR - Looking for Character, Prop and Environment Artists, Remote

Project Title:
Pavlov VR

A multiplayer virtual reality FPS for the Vive and Oculus touch

Game is release as early access already, however currently overwhelmed by it and i need some help

**Talent Required:
**3D Character Artist

[INDENT=2]You’ll be revamping the VR hands, a new “terrorist” character and few zombies for the halloween update

3D Prop Artist

[INDENT=2]Mostly but not limited to environment props

Environment Artist[INDENT]You’ll aid me in level and environment design in the short term, transition to standalone/unattended position

  • All candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • Perforce proficiency is a must
  • NDA is required
  • Driven by passion

The overall goal to me is building a team that i can work with as i’m open to royalty/partnership in the long term.

The positions are full time for 6-7 months
This is a remote job

A* weekend-long gamejam with several candidates is needed as part of the hiring process.

**Please send your portfolio/artstation link and your wage expectations
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you!

Hey there, just wanted to check if you are open to working with a team on this, instead of filling individual positions. Also, are you starting off with these as paid positions, or royalty right off the bat? Cheers!