Pausing stops all input?

I am working on a student project. We are currently reworking/overhauling it, so I did not make any of the blueprints having to do with our pause menu before and know little about how pausing works besides what I have been watching in tutorials.

Those working on it previously were never able to figure out how to pause the game (using Set Game Paused node) and still be able to register any input for the UI. The pause menu works perfectly fine when the game does not actually get paused, but whenever we set game to paused no further input is possible. I have tried setting the input mode to UI only as well as Game and UI. The tutorials and forum threads that I have watched and read never seem to have any issue with this, so I am wondering what possible issue it could be.

Other additional info that may help. We are trying to optimize the game and menu for controller, so the way the menu works is that a list of options pops up and (when it is working correctly/not actually pausing the game) the first option is focused (is underlined) and the user can use the left stick to navigate up or down the list. B (on Xbox controller) exits the menu. A button selects that option and pulls up another submenu UI widget. Again, none of this input is coming in when I am using the Set Game Paused node. I have exhausted all other sources I have to try to find an answer for this problem. What can I do?

This does not work for the widgets or the player controller since both are not actors, unless I am missing something.

I also tried to change the inputs to execute when paused since the original post and that did not seem to change anything either.

The PlayerController IS an actor!