Pausing sequence output.

Hey all, been trying to figure this problem out for a day or so now, is there a way to pause the output of sequence renders? I’m trying to render out a 15 min clip that has random elements every time so it needs to be one long shot, and rendering 4k 60fps png takes up a hell of a lot of space.

My current approach uses my gen4 1TB NVME (1/2 full (OS)) as a buffer and then uses robocopy to monitor the capture folder and send the images over the network to my fileserver that has a free 6TB drive. This works great until my NVME fills up and crashes the editor.

I tried the pause console command and while it does pause the render thread, the sequence continues to render and save the same frame over and over.

I could probably capture directly over the network, but that will tie up my pc for ages, whereas if I could fill the buffer, hit pause and wait till the transfers complete then start it up again, I can use my PC in the downtime.

Any way to do this?