Pausing game while using inventory/menu screen?

I have created an inventory system where I can pick up items and I have the data stored. I can draw the list of the items and how many I have. What I need to do now is pause the main game while being able to use menus.

I don’t need anything in depth, just a basic way to pause what the main game is doing and start doing something else.

I am able to pause and unpause now, enable the mouse and show inventory when I pause and then disable when unpause.

Next I need to be able to add a “button” to the menu. So be able to click certain area’s of the screen and have that “Button” do something. I can think of many ways to do this, I am just not sure what the best way to go about it is. What I am thinking is having a button object and an array of buttons to draw per menu.

Looks like a Hit Box is a good place to look.

there are a “Set Game Pause” blueprint. I use in one of my inventory test in a custom player controller.

if you can see its because you need create a player controlle blueprint. (i don’t remember that now)