Pausing Game Breaks Media Video Asset?

I’ve set up a basic pause game widget. When I pause the game and then resume, my media video asset becomes choppy and doesn’t play properly. Has anybody come across this issue before? If so, how did you fix it. Thanks!


Hey BStonearch,

I’m experiencing this issue too, I believe it has to do with the media player audio desyncing from video when paused, as I only encounter this issue when using a media sound to play the audio part of the video.

Assuming this is your situation too, there are two different approaches you can take:

  • Keep It Playing:
    In the media source component, you can mark it as a UI sound OR assign it a sound class that is marked as UI sound. This means that the audio will continue to play even when paused, and will stay synced with the video.

  • Pause It:
    Whenever you pause/resume the game you will need to pause/resume the media player. You would probably want to still mark the media sound as UI sound, so that there is no desync between the audio and video.
    You should also notice that the video pausing now happens instantly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’m encountering this issue.

Now that’s it’s been a year, you can verify that your solution is a good fix? Because this person never marked as “SOLVED”.

My video is choppy after pause.

(EDIT): It works.

I set the PLAY RATE to 0 when paused, and back to 1, when NOT paused.