Pausing Embedded Animations

We have a situation where we need to pause the animation of a skeletal mesh while certain conditions are not met, then play animation when the correct conditions are met. Is this possible, if so, how would we start building this system?

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You could give it a try with Set Play Rate node inside its blueprint, and change the play rate through a timeline or just set it’s variable to whatever you like.

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Skeletal Mesh Components have an awesome float called GlobalAnimRateScale

You could try settings this to 0 or very near to 0,

if you are working via the C++ :slight_smile:

SkeletalMeshComponent->GlobalAnimRateScale = 0.5;

The BP version is what Mehmet explained:

I have node to retrieve the skeletal mesh of a Character easily:!-New-TraceData-amp-Trace-Closest-Bone-Socket?p=31719682&viewfull=1#post31719682

Thanks Rama!

That was exactly what I was looking for!