Paused Input Events Are Inconsistent

Many input actions and axis events no longer work when paused regardless of checking the “execute when paused” box and setting the input mode to game and UI. For instance, the W event works fine, but the arrow keys will not. Similarly, the Spacebar and enter keys work fine, as well as the face buttons and special buttons on the gamepad, but the gamepad thumbstick axis and action events do not work.

I’ve discovered more since I originally posted:

The “Set Input Mode Game And UI” node does not do what I expect. It claims that if the UI doesn’t handle input, then the player controller should get a chance. I’ve done this:


in the OnKeyUp function of my UI, but the events are not being passed down. I’ve already confirmed by printing that this function, OnKeyUp, is getting the input I want the player to get as well. So why is “Set Input Mode Game And UI” not allowing the game and the UI to get events?

I can’t figure out what is going wrong exactly, but I think it has something to do with a weird interaction between pausing and setting input mode.