(Paused) 2 Dogs modeling + rig and animations in maya

**Contract paused - we got enough requests for now. Thank you.

Project Title:**
2 Dogs + Rig and Animations

Looking for an 3D artist, who recreates two specific dogs for us, so that they are game ready. We want a low + high poly, fully rigged, skin-weighted and animated.
If you are interesseted, feel free to contact us. Then we can talk about the further steps. Sure you get a photos as much as needed.

We expect quality like this:…22a6e6645d1115…a4c2425ff8acd5

Talent Needed:
3D Artist

  • Organic surface low poly modeling
  • High poly modeling for baking
  • Quadruped rigging in Autodesk Maya
    Animation creation

About us:
Right now we working on our second game and have no time right now for the dog project. Mostly avaiable on discord.
Cause the dogs arent getting younger, we want them getting recreated.

You can take a look at our Sketchfab account.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]