Pause Vs Time Dilation

Thanks for taking a look at this.

I need to stop time, but still be able to spawn actors ect.

There is 2 options that both comes with up and downsides.

The Pause Option:
All works well when i allow “tick when pause” on the actors i need to work with, but when i spawn an actor while pause then the LOD is very low and its like its not fully loaded because time is paused.

The Time Dilation 0 Option:
Everything works great, but the time is never really stoped, its just very slow even with global time dilation set to 0.
(I read somewhere that you can get time dilation 0 to completely stop time by setting the bounds of time dilation in the project settings, but i simply cant find that option)

If anyone can tell me how to fix the problem with one or the other option then i would be glad.

Thanks for reading this.![alt text][1]

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Hi. Not real answer but some idea. Maybe try compile game. LOD and other things works mostly better in final version instead of PIE and maybe this low LOD will gone.
When you spawn actors, they have tick enable in pause too?

Hi Vaheva

Thanks for your comment.

Yep, spawned actor has tick enable when pause at spawn, it looks like the details of the mesh and shadow are loaded over time and when pause they dont complete the load. It could be a setting on the mesh itself that might fix this, but i cant put my finger on it.

I will have a look at the compiled game and check if the issue remains.