Pause/un-pausing and Event

Hello everyone, not to sure if the Title would give the right idea, but it is as stated. I am looking for a way to cause an event to pause another event until it is done. I am working in 2d and am having problems with the event tick for sprite animation updates preventing any other animations from playing. So am wondering if there is a way to make the presssing of a key pause the event tick(or another event) untill it is done and then cause the event tick to continue?

Have you tried using a Gate node? It can stop an execution from flowing based on events, like key presses. It wont pause the event tick, but if you put it right after, it will stop all functions afterwards until an ‘open gate’ event is triggered.
Here’s a doc link: Flow Control | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hope that helps,

hello thanks for the reply but the problem i keep running into is that pressing the button again befor the event has ended for some reason still causes the event to want to restart. Im trying to get button presses to play specifc animations during gamplay but when ever the button is pressed numerous times it keeps reseting the entire event string