Pause turntable motion

Looking to be able to ‘pause’ a turntable motion on a key/button press and have it resume when that key/button is pressed again.

Without affecting the player/camera or anything else happening in the scene, purely stopping the rotation and then starting it again.

Have tried a few things people have recommended on other threads I’ve found on here, but without any luck…so hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a simple solution.

I used a pretty simple BP for my turntable as I’m still in the very early stages of understanding BPs


The easiest way I can think of setting this up is as follows.

For the blueprint actor, if you look in the list of components you can add to the blueprints you should find one called ‘Rotating Movement’. It allows you specify a rotation rate that you want an object to move in (without needing to manually rotate it off of the tick event). Then you can reference the new component in the blueprint and can simply set the Rotating Movement component to be active or not. In this example I have just added some Custom Events that I can then use in the Level Blueprint to turn it on or off.

Level Blueprint. After placing the blueprint in the world, you can add a reference to it into the level blueprint. At which point if you drag a connection off from it, you should then be able to find any newly created Custom Events that you made in the blueprint actor. In this case I just hooked it up to the Enter key event.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Will give that a go

thanks for the help, much appreciated !