Pause Timer to Get Score when Dead

So I built a Timer and I kinda figured out how to Restart the Timer but then I realized I have two issues:

  1. I can’t seem to show the score because I don’t know how to store/save that time that the player died
  2. My Timer is blinking after the player dies on the Retry Widget. I presume this is because I am not pausing it but I can’t seem to find a way around this yet because when I do that with a Pause Game Node it screws up my Reset Function that restarts the game which then doesn’t unpause.

Can someone help guide me here or point me in the right direction to fix these two issues, namely the first one so that I can show the player how long they survived…

Disregard, I found a solution to both finally after messing around with it for about an hour.

Maybe this will help others though so I’m leaving it here in case anyone else needs help with setting up a quick Timer to pause and display.

Anyhow, I realized I just need to add a Pause Node right at the beginning of the code where I display the Retry Widget and then add another to Unpause after the code where it Restarts.