Pause the game, without pausing the physics engine?

From what i’ve seen in my testing, the Set Game Paused node will pause the whole physics engine, since any physics dependent things won’t continue working even if that class is set to tick while paused.

Is there a way to configure the project so that pause only disables ticking on all actors, but keeps the physics engine running? So i could have some actors that have “tick while paused” enabled, and can still do everything just fine while the game is “paused”.

(I am aware i could dodge the problem by not actually pausing the game, and instead implement my own logic where each actor has its code to respond to an event dispatcher and pause itself, but i wanted to make sure there wasnt an easier solution before going that route)

I did this before chaos, don’t remember how at all, but I can say it was possible.

The easier route would be to use a pause actor.

Instead of adding pause code to every actor, you place an actor that handles all the actors and whoever you want to ignore the pause.
Maybe make the variable an exposed array so you can add actors to ignore in the detail panels for the level.

The actor should just force the actors to stop animations/stop simulating, which is definitely possible.
For simulation you have to preserver angle and momentum and re-apply it when the pause is off.

Maybe you can get around all that by setting the actor’s CustomTimeDilation property? Maybe that was what I had done?
Give it a shot…

Custom Time Dilation has no effect on physics from what ive seen, and all time dilation has a minimum of 0.0002 (its never truly paused).

So what you’re saying is this central actor holds an array of references to everything and loops through it, disabling ticking etc?

Yep. A lot easier than adding code to every actor…