Pause the game but let the player camera move?

I need to pause the game but be able to move and rotate the camera and select characters and give orders and when im unpausing the game my tactical orders should come into effect. But for some reason even thought I’ve enabled Tick even if paused feature in my character pawn and in controller and enabled same thing on component level theres no effect. By debugging I can see that movement is working but the screen doesnt refresh

Is there anything I can do to fix it? Becouse changing the speed of Global Time Dilation doesnt fix the problem. Global Time Dilation cant be set to zero, so I can see that the game is slowly moving instead of stoping.

Im thinking of doing a switchable global custom interface function that would enable\disable Update but its a mess, I havent yet figured out how to get everything exept for player character and player controller to one array…

Found the answear, I’ve created a Blueprint interface that has 2 empty functions called Pause_Game_BPI and UnPause_Game_BPI, in my Widget Blueprint i have a button that loads the pause menue, in which i call the Get All actors of class node in which I set it to Actor and I make a foreach loop that loops throught all the elements of the array and does the Pause_Game_BPI message in every pawn I have a Event Pause_Game_BPI interface that fires the Custom Time dilation which is set to zero. The same but oposite function is set to Return button that set the Custom Time dilation to 1. This way I can “pause” everything I need but at the same time move with my player which is an invisible colission capsule with a camera, so that I could run arround and have a tactical decision or just look at the still scene of the battle.