Pause physics simulation after ragdoll?

Ok so I have an AI pawn that ragdolls after it dies. But i want it to not be able to be moved once the pawn is on the ground in a “Dead” state what i mean is shoot the AI char, it dies then falls to the ground, once it is on the ground i want it to KEEP the same pose it is in but not be able to be moved when shot again. making it become static.

how would I “pause” the ragdoll in its current position?

This is what the bluepreint is doing to make the ai character to ragdoll

Here ya go! There’s a thread already explaining this topic, hope it helps! How to handle dead bodies? | 'Freezing' ragdolls for performance? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
It has to do with the Poseable-mesh component. Check it out.
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