Pause menu issue

So Im totally stuck with this problem.

I start my game and Menu appears. I press Start and game starts. Ok.
Then I press P for pause and Menu appears again. The problem is if I press P again another Menu widget is created over the first one, so it stays onscreen.
Besides, when I start the game, pressing P brings another menu too.

I want the player to press Start for going back to the game, not press P.

For the moment I tried creating a boolean and it works just the first time. When I press P the second time it breaks everything and widget doesnt appear. Which is the best solution? Easiest one?
Disabling the P key once Im inside the Menu?
Creating a FlipFlop node? (Wont help either)

Its been a week now :frowning:

Here is my BP
Thanks in advance

Set game paused is not checked? As default inputactionpause should not execute when paused.
Try “inputactionpause” then “do once” then add the widget and do what you need to do then at the end of the execution chain “set game paused” checked . Don’t know what your start or resume button does but use it to reset the “do once” and uncheck "set game paused