Pause based shop menu at the beginning of a round (Map)

Questions -
First, is this possible in UE4 BPs.
Second, if yes, what are some of the key ways and nodes to go about it.

Description -
I’m working with a team to create a game. The highlights to know about this game is that it’s a round based coop/competitive game with a shop. Currently in SPLIT SCREEN and we are likely not going to do networking.

I’m considering different ways to implement the shop and I just thought of a new way to do it.

The basic and general way would be to do a shop BETWEEN rounds. Load a map. Play a round. Load the shop map that’s 2d menu based. end shop. load a new map again.

I was looking to do it in a bit more, unconventional way.

Here would be the general order of execution.

Map is generated.
Players spawned.
Game instantly pauses as fast as possible. (As fast as possible is important because things are time based. The timer based setting could maybe be reset after the shop closes)
A 2D shop menu opens for all 4 players.
10 seconds is put on the clock.
After 10 seconds, shop closes and round starts instantly (or maybe after another short timer)

Current knowledge -
Set Game Paused is my guess on where I would start. But what else, I’m needing information on things like how to bring up 4 UI menus in split screen.
Am I able to change variables or spawn items in UE4 while a game is paused. Some items will be buffs which are simple variable changes. Other items will could be spawned and dropped at that players feet.

Last We may use an “inventory” that uses a bit mask for certain items like buffs or anything else. Is that also doable.

Sorry for double post didn’t notice the whole “Moderator approving” part.