Pause and unpause issue using widget menu button and gamepad button or keyboard button

Hello I made a widget pause menu that can be accessed by pressing a keyboard key or a gamepad button, I’m using a FlipFlop function so when you press a key, the game is paused and opens the widget menu (FlipFlop A) and if you press it again it unpauses the game and removes the widget from parent (FlipFlop B), this works as it should.

The menu widget has a resume button so when you click on it, it removes the widget from parent and then unpauses the game (same as in FlipFlop B) this also works but the problem is when you try to pause again, you need to press 2 times the pause key because the FlipFlop state doesn’t change when you use the widget menu resume button.

Do you guys know another way of doing it so I can get this working?


Puse/unpause + open menu (Level Blueprint)
Widget menu button:

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Branch + IsGamePaused function. Ignore SetkeyboardFocus

Here is mine. This may help you:


If you CAN pause it and CANNOT unpause it, it could be that you have consume input when paused turned off for your events.

I would double check that.

Hello thanks for answering, I can pause and unpause without problems, the problem is that I’m pausing and unpausing the game from 2 different blueprints, the level blueprint and a widget blueprint (menu) so if I press ESC it pauses and if I press it again it unpauses and I can pause again and unpause without any problem but if I press ESC and then press “resume” on the menu it unpauses but the FlipFlop stays on A because I didn’t press the ESC key so if I want to pause again I have to press ESC again to run FlipFlop B (unpause, but it’s already unpasued because “resume” did it, so nothing happens) and then again to go back to FlipFlop A that pauses the game. I need something that resets the FlipFlop on the level blueprint back to the A state when I click on the “resume” option in the widget menu blueprint or maybe use another system.

EDIT: Nevermind xD I just found the isGamePaused function I will edit my question and include the solution. thanks for your help and time.

Solved, see main post.