Paul Scott - FYP environment Art Dump!

Hello everyone,

Just finished up my final university assignment. The project came to just over 200 models created within the last 10 weeks and around 460 hours during that time. A lot of the objects in the final version were created during the last half because I decided that the original version looked boring and generic. (Original 5 weeks in: )
After a bit of brainstorming I decided to use a lot of oranges to contrast the blues of the tower. As a game level it runs pretty well, I get between 50-60 fps on my 770gtx and if anyone is interested in having a look around in the level I can upload the packaged version for download.

Now that university is over it’s time to go find a job!
Any crit is welcome so I can make my next project better!

Video :

looks fantastic!!

Part 2 :

This looks awesome! Trees are the best.


Do you mind if I ask which program you were and at what University?
Or at least, what it more of an art and design course or a programming and scripting course?

Part 3:

Good work Paul, very beatiful

+1… Nice work. Like everything about the scene except one small thing:

Small suggestion: IMHO the arches in the garden areas could use a little reworking.
Something about them looks wrong. Too much copy / paste in a small area maybe?
Either way, there’s too many of them or the scale is wrong (too large or too samey).

Why not vary the size or the texture of even a few of the garden arches…?

Impressive, especially the interior of the tower.

My eyes don’t like the golden rocks, I feel like there is 2 much geometry/detail/noise, in the dark and in the cave I like them. The cave in general looks cool and the shark man, I dig it, looks stunning <3