Patrick Planche | Environment & Prop Artist | Mobile/Console/Web Exp



Excited to create stunning environment art for video games while keeping myself constantly challenged and up-to-date!
Six years experience from console to mobile development, versatile art style.

**General Skills: **

• Artistic environment composition and level design, strong sense of form, atmosphere and light.
• Optimized modeling and highly conscience of production needs and gameplay standards.
• Exceptional understanding of modularity, texture and material blending for re-usability.
• Versatile and experienced in mobile,PC, Console, web & VR development.
• Enjoys contributing to production documentation and standards, creation of utilities and scripts.
• Rapidly adopts new software and tools.
• Experienced with leadership roles including outsourcing and in-house training management.

Technical Skills:
• Autodesk 3ds Max
• Autodesk Maya
• Pixologic Zbrush
• Photoshop
• Substance Designer & Painter
• Marvelous Designer
• World Generator

**Engine Experience: **
• Unreal Engine 3 & 4
• BigWorld Technology: Bigworld Engine
• HeroCloud: Hero Engine
• Unity Engine
• Valve SDK (DOTA 2, Source Engine)

Feel free to contact me via my website OR

BUMP, I am available for work once again!

BUMP! Available for work!