Patriarcs and the Monster Caravan Investor Trailer

Good evening everyone! We wanted to share a new game that we are working on. We are hoping to open up jobs when we are successfully funded!

Patriarcs and the Monster Caravan is the first of its kind, crossing the gap between multiple genres of games and music. Taicho, “The General” is lost in the 5th Heaven and is trying to understand how he got there and how to get home. Unbeknownst to him, he is going to learn about his family’s bloodline and learn the truth behind the system of the world. Not only will you play as this High-School student that attends a video game high-school, however you will also play as his father, a superhero named The Aventador, his grandfather, a Vietnam and Nigerian-Biafra War Veteran, and his Great-Grandfather, the first man to capture photos of the first Jews being forced into labor camps. It all begins in the 5th Heaven!

Everyone at our humble studio loves anime and we respect how anime is released fairly quickly. We understand that Epic games released Dauntless and Fortnite with seasons in mind and we are going to do a hybrid of sorts between the two. We plan on releasing one chapter every 6 months for the first 2 years with between 5-10 hours of gameplay. Afterwards, we plan on releasing every 3 months with about 2.5-5 hours of gameplay. The math still works out, however we will get faster as we go because we will be reusing as much content as we can.

Our objective is to tell a story that can relate to young adults growing up in a society that they do not fit in with and then maturing to become a functional member of society, and then becoming heroes. It’s all about character building that young people can relate to. The game is rated M for Mature audiences because of strong language and the challenges that the character in the game deal with regarding the system of the world.

We also believe that by creating a RPG with a Hip-Hop theme will be extremely interesting, however, Generation Alpha may not ever hear of Jazz or Frank Sinatra and it is important to set time-pieces with music befitting each era. We have 4 composers that we are using tracks from and we would like to bring in Adrian Younge from Luke Cage and Black Dynamite to handle the 70’s tracks.

Patriarcs is nothing without dealing with the issue of Theology. Being a religious LLC, it is our goals and privilege to bring love and unity to hurting people. This game is loosely based on my actual death and return to Earth, as a 15 year old and my personal experience in meeting the God of Creation. Everything that has happened to me and the life that I live revolves around that one defining moment in my life.

YHWH Games!, LLC. is the first and leading video game company in the world that teaches our mentees how to create and develop video games.
We are also heading in the direction to become the first AAA studio to create religious games.We recognize that most religious games suck. We are changing that.

If you have any questions or would like to know any information regarding our game or company, please feel free to email:

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