[PATREON LIVE] Agora - Real Time Strategy game under development

Patreon is now live!


I created an RTS game in C++ a while back (around 4 years before) but since I got side tracked with other projects, it was eventually abandoned. But recently, I dusted it off and started working on it again and I have a modeler who is working on the building, environment, props models etc. so the project is actively under development.

For now the following features are implemented:

  • 7 Civilizations
  • 5 Ages
  • Basic AI
  • Fog of war
  • 4 different resources
  • Age advancing
  • Building jobs

Features to be added:

  • Multiplayer
  • Modding

Here are some videos:

Avalon Dark Age Buildings:

Avalon Bronze Age Buildings:

Update #6:

Update #5:

Previous updates:
Update #4

Palm Trees from the first map:

Better Fog of war and some internal improvements.

Patreon page for Agora is now live! Please support and spread the word as much as you can!

Nice ryan thanks for your tuts : D

Thank you @Neongho please spread the word about Agora Patreon. :slight_smile:

Ok I do like the idea, Simple, Non weird art, Any thing creative you will add?

I give you this idea! SOme sandbox elements combined with RTS CORE component mechanichs would be nice… Splines? :o

Thank you :slight_smile:

First map of Agora is based on Caribbean Theme with water surrounding the island and palm trees. Here is a screenshot of the Palm Trees created using TreeIt software.

Facebook page is now up: Redirecting...

Quick mockup design of tech tree in Agora.

Agora Dark Age buildings of Avalon Civilization.

Agora Bronze Age Buildiongs of Avalon Civilization

Agora bronze age buildings of Nekhri civilizations

Agora medieval age buildings of Nekhri civilizations.