PathSubfolder UPROPERTY decorator feature

Hi there Epic.

I would like to suggest handy usability feature to be able to decorate UPROPERTY with folder path for picking assets.

Imagine situation you have larger project and you want to limit/narrow asset selection. For example in car configuration when you select what wheel mesh to use and you have hundreds of wheel meshes you maybe keep them all in folder called “Wheels” so being able to optionally narrow display of assets of given type in dropdown could be very handy and should prevent some user error as well. In that particular case I’m not interested in any other mesh as I’m after one specific type of mesh that is in fixed path in my project structure.

Same apply for other types as rest of decorators are able to do so.

What I fount are only decorators for file paths that allow to specify some starting folder.

Thank you for any feedback on this.