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Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
Quixel Megascan - Medieval Game Environment
Ultra Dynamic Sky
Cinemotion 2 Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit
Motion; Strangled from Mixamo

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  • Description
    Hello! My name is Atlas and I just graduated this year, and now working as a Junior Environment Artist in a game company based in Tokyo. This is my first time working in UE5 and with Lumen.

When I saw the theme (Better Light Than Never), A scene from Outlast 2 came to mind (The School Corridor scene) and I decided to make something creepy. A child lost in the woods and dont know how to get home. The forest is creepy, and all he has with him is just a flashlight. He is scared and all he wants is to get home.

Feedbacks are appreciated!

  • Engine version
    this was made in UE5.0.2