Pathfinding with jumps for sidescrollers

Something I have been working on for the past few weeks; pathfinding with jumps for sidescrolling games.

I didn’t want to bother with learning / having to setup navlinks for each and every potential jump or fall in my project, so I decided to automate the process a bit. Plus, I always wanted to try my hand at using an a star algorithm, so this was the perfect excuse. The way the system works at the moment is that the system itself checks all the obstacles within its range and creates a grid based on that. A modified A star algorithm then calculates a path, including jumps and falls and returns a series of path points I can use to move the AI with.

So far, the system works pretty okay and initial results are that I get pretty clean jumps and falls. Currently in the process of testing it more indepth to see where things go wrong and still need to do a thorough check on how the system impacts performance.