Pathfinding not working


I have a problem with AI.
I’m using top down blueprint tamplate, and I have created a simple bot (using character included there).
It works fine when I use “Simple Move to Location” node. The bots finds the way to his target.
However, it works only if the bot was placed in the editor.

When I try to spawn him during the game by using “Spawn actor from class” node, I can’t give him any orders. Bot spawns, but floats mid-air with his idle animation on.
Is there anything different when spawning actors during the game? The bot should auto activte, and it does when I place him normaly.
How can I make him move?

Thx for help.

my quick guess is you have to also give it a ai controller.

And how do I do that?

In your Character create Begin Play event and pin Spawn Default Controller. (if you chosen your AIController in Characters BP Defaults)