pathfinding in 3d

hi everybody!

in order to use navmesh and pathfinding with objects that fly in 3d space has anybody tried something like this) (take a look at the photo!).

before loosing sleep and time trying this i thought that asking first was better :slight_smile:

practically keep the mesh connected to the navmesh using a long static mesh,longer than any height the flying object can reach or dynamically generated using a raycast

might this work?worth trying?


I’m not an expert and haven’t touched the subject, but last I read the documentation, I thought we had 3D navmeshing for that purpose?

did i miss something new in the last releases??

opinions?suggestions?advices? :slight_smile:

NavMesh doesn’t work for 3D pathfinding; I think there’s a user plugin to do it somewhere in the forums.