Pathfinder's grapple in blueprints

Hello everyone,
I’m curious if anyone has tried to replicate pathfinders grapple from Apex Legends. I know there are tutorials on Widowmakers grapple from OW, so I was curious to see if anyones done pathfinder yet.
If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, heres a vid that sums up how his grapple works:
I think theres too much physics involved in this for blueprints alone, but it would be cool if it was doable.

I have something that behaves similarly but i haven’t worked on it since the summer. Basically uses a projectile anchor point that spawns a physics constraint that attaches to the player. Also line traces down the rope line to check collisions and add/remove joints. Super nightmare to set up. I want to build it again but I want to do in a tut series series of streams (it takes a long long time). Busy trying to graduate so don’t expect it for a while.