Path-tracing for DX-11

the Path-tracer option in
dx-12 mode is very handy tool for getting a ground truth image for our projects. but it is still limited for DX-12 mode only. it would make a lot of sense to use it in DX-11. and to be able to render a path traced image or even sequence out of the box without any need to install 3rd party plugins.

DXR is a feature of DirectX 12 and isn’t part of DX11, that’s not something that Epic can change

I mean a new implementation of a path-tracer like Arnold and octane

If you really want that, get Vray for Unreal

Why would get a other thing if have already one in the engine?
I can’t see the point of that feature locked for DX12 as he named…

There’s no point in adding brand new features to ancient APIs like DirectX 11. Sooner it dies, the better for developers and gamers.
Especially that DX 12 is still under development and brings new ways to optimize games. Variable Rate Shaders or Mesh Shaders (coming with the next Windows 10 update). DX12 should be default API for UE4 soon, already being tested for us by Fortnite.
Recent Windows 10 with DX12 is what you should use if you’re gonna play with extremely demanding raytracing and path tracing.

Raytracing could be supported on the older Windows version by Vulkan implementation and Microsoft is even helping Vulkan guys with it.
Forget DirectX 11, there’s no advantage in supporting it.

It uses DXR, which is a feature only available in DX12, they’d have to write their own new path tracer for one that works on DX11. But it would also be slower since it wouldn’t be able to use the ray-tracing hardware.

Does anyone having a problem with dx-12 ? When ever i i switch to DX-12 the engine crashes. Tried this with New and old projects and there’s no Ray tracing enabled

1-So speaking about that. DX-12 is not working for me like at all. It crashes the engine every time i enable it and by the way i am not using raytracing.

2- what about supporting Hydra render delegates. I see usd making its way into UE4 so it would make sense to get this powerful look dev tool for archVis and film making in UE4.