Path Tracer

How do I use path tracer in the play window

If you meet using the path tracer during a game, I don’t think you can because it is too computationally demanding. If someone has an other answer, let me know.

However, in the viewport, go to the view mode (lit, unlit, brush…) and select “Path Tracing”. Further explanations can be found here: Path Tracer | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks for your answer, I thought it could be turned on in the game like ray tracing

I know a software called Enscape. The rendering effect of its EXE file after execution feels that it uses path tracking, and the performance is quite good

I know it too. It’s a good software.

I don’t think they use ray tracing, or maybe a few rays per pixels as UE5 will do. I don’t know.

Choosing a software is always a trade-off between the goal you want to reach and the learning curve.