Path Tracer supported features

On the official Epic Games GitHub page you can build UE5-main which now Volumetric FOG and Decals are supported. But there is still some stuff missing like Light Functions etc. Can we expect more feature support for Path Tracer when the UE 5.1 officially comes out?

Also I noticed that new console command has been added ( r.PathTracing.MultiGPU ). Does that mean when the official UE 5.1 comes out, UE5 can support multi GPUs in Path Tracer to get double the performance and faster render times? Cause that would be sick!

Also one more thing I believe people would love is, inbuild feature to control the Aspect Ratio of the camera Depth of Field bokeh. For example to get a oval shaped bokeh like Anamorphic.
People have been coming up with their own get aways and DIY versions of achieving that effect, but it would be nice to have it come by default inside the engine itself :slight_smile: Maybe it could even be exclusively for Path Tracing with that new " Reference Depth Of Field " feature that gives you physical accurate DOF in Path Tracer.

How to use decals under path tracingļ¼Ÿ :wave: