Path Length (Vector) Does not respond to < INT

The Path length is less than 100 units, but the branch still activates true. Vec 0,0,0 (start) Vec 200,200,200 (end) IS NOT < 100 but it doesn’t work. Any help?

Are you sure your Vector variable and Actor location are further than 100 units? Double check that they are.

I replicated your BP and got expected results.

Recreate the nodes just in case they aren’t sampling correctly.


Ok i just noticed that your attempting to find a path that is also 200 units on the Z Axis. If the navigation cannot find a valid path it wont return expected results.

Try removing the Z value on your Vector variable so it reads X:200.0 Y:200.0 Z:0.0

If you have trouble with Pathfinding, try visualizing it with some dummy actors along the Path Points.

I ended up using an absolute node just now and got my results. Is it possible to move an object along this length to the end position over time?

If you use the PathPoints array from a FindPathToLocationSynchronously node you can Interpolate an Object across those points over time, yes.

Is this teleporting the objects or is it bringing it from point a to point b over time?
How can I utilize this path, and in this case Z is not a problem, so that the object can reach its point at a constant speed, so that if the point moves the object keeps moving at the same speed until it finally reaches the target? Lerp would be a way to never reach the target since it is never reaching the vector, correct?

Its just an Array of Vectors. Lerp moves from A to B over time. At each Vector point you Lerp to the next, when the next is reached it becomes the new point to Lerp from until you reach your target.

What is SpawnActorPointActor? If my actor is already on the map, how would it be moving over time from where it is to the end location?Are you just spawning the actor at the end lerp location? If so would it not have to be connected to EventTick?

Mate that picture does not show you how to Lerp over the Points. Thats an example of how to visualize the path returned when searching for one in the navigation data.

I suggest you look at some Tutorials on Youtube on how to Lerp an Actor from one point to another.

I got it. I had to settle with a timeline which I thought could muddy the waters over time if things get too complicated. Can this lerp be attached to a vector field such as a radius so that the object will stop at a random vector point that is enclosed by the given radius of the object?