Path assets from Twinmotion

Any plans to release packs on the store for Twinmotion vehicle paths, in similar vain to how the Twinmotion textures were released?
Having the ability to quickly drop in vehicle/bicycle paths via spline would be very welcome for Unreal development.

I would be happy just to have some of Twinmotion’s easy UI features in Unreal editor as an optional plugin.
The easy camera framing by motion would be a blessing over fiddling with the sequencer.
I actually would rather use my own FBX animation loops (in Twinmotion too) just the ability to add animated vehicles and people to paths easily one’s own choices in both Unreal and Twinmotion and one’s own plants and buildings etc to the brush editor in TM like one can in Unreal.
Guess I am saying I love both platforms but wish there was more overlap in functionality.