Patching Guide?

Hi guys,

I am new to Android development, and I kinda plan to make a game and have it with expansion files that is patched over the time. However, I am yet to see a complete guide on doing this, like creating the patch, looking at the difference of the patched files (different obb files? replace it? etc.) Even if I tested it, I assume I have to upload the APK and publish it first to the Play Store, then test my patch from there.

The thing is, I don’t really want to release it first and then patch things to learn how to do it, especially suddenly everything is broken. As far as I remember from Android page, I have to create a new version of APK every time I have to upload a new patch, this is the side that I am afraid of.

Can someone enlighten me on how I should deal with this? Is test phase in Android dev console allows me to test this out?

Thank you!

Re Deploy,
Create new Apk
Upload new APK into your account in
Try to see new Actualize button
Play and Fun!

or you thinking in a custom download method?


So by this,
my app will automatically compare the patch expansion files with the ones stored in main expansion files?
do I have to upload another expansion file (the upgraded one) or combine it with the old one (I mean, does UE recombined all of it and we have to upload it all over again?)
Will the UE only build the patched assets to be uploaded as expansion file, which then Google Play will compare them with the main expansion files?
What if the user deleted the main expansion file? What should I do in UE code/blueprint to make sure it is downloaded, or has to be re-downloaded, and/or has to be compared with the patched one?

Sorry I’m just too confused on which and where. :confused:

Yes! Only create new APK, and re deploy, UE4 and Google Play make all magc to compare and redistribute only new files or updates into apk :wink:


Welps, thanks s4ng3r. :slight_smile: