Patches and updates

We all know how games, big and small, have updates/patches etc. I am wondering, is there a way within the unreal engine to release a ‘patch’ or ‘update’ without exporting/building the entire game or is there another method?

In 4.8 they released a way to package patches & DLC, see this link: Unreal Engine 4.8 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation

I seem unable to find this menu (want to give it a try even if i am no where near release :wink: )

I cannot find it either, I’m not sure what to tell you.

Maybe tag a developer or something some how? Is there a way?

You can ask on the Answerhub, staff usually answer.

im not sure if this will help much but try going to project launcher (as shown below)
after opening it clock on the plus next to costume launch profile then edit the profile once your in the editor for the profile scroll down some till you find Release / DLC / Patch Settings
i hope this at least helps you go in the right direction if nothing else

I found the project browser but I cannot seem to find the project launcher that you speak of?

just a small note you need to be on atleast 4.8 im on 4.8.2

Thank you for pointing that out. How do you actually get it to export/build a patch or DLC file though?

Also, I am using 4.8.2 as well yet I do not have as many options as you under help? I have the project launcher over in the drop down of a drop down the ‘play’ button.

its not under help that’s the drop down list from Window also im not sure how to export/build the patch or DLC file but if nothing else it might point you in the right direction to figuring it out more

We now have release and patching documentation: