Patch Notes?

So am I missing something here, where do I go to read about the UE4 Patch Notes? I just patched so I am wondering what was updated…


Ahh, you noticed before we had a chance to post release notes :). We did JUST release a new hotfix for the launcher with a host of fixes, along with also releasing the new “Blueprint Examples” content on the Marketplace. Note that only the launcher is updated, the editor is still the same as before. Here’s the list of fixes:

  • fixed crash on startup on certain AMD CPUs / OS combinations
  • fixed some users experiencing truncated Mac launcher DMG due to CDN misconfiguration
  • increased download time-out to work around downloads being stuck at ~80%
  • fixed memory leak in Mac launcher on first download of content
  • fixed content install infinitely restarting
  • fixed subscribe button showing up for users with valid subscriptions, added retry button on download failure
  • added support for running launcher QFE’s independent of the engine
  • fixed launcher self-update not passing in the commandline
  • fixed crash when attempting to download after forcing install failure



Lol, the developers favourite one-liner…

Okay where are they going to be posted when you do post them?

I would imagine in News and Announcements or a Update history / change log on the main page.

But I don’t see these anywhere still…