Hi everyone,

Is someone knows if is there an example of setting up a password to access the game, without any multiplayer mode?

I’m working on an architectural virtual visit and what I would like is to prevent the access to authorized people.


if you want, you can create a code based on username that you send to valid email.
For example, based on this valid mail you build a 3 numbers binary code from letters / numbers / characters and then a letter/number code based on a 2 numbers binary code from the first one. (or any combination of 2 / 3 different codes. Only ponit is to not say what your code is, even if it is not a hard one ^^)
When username and final code is typed, it is checked and play when it fits.
It is a quick implementing system which does not prevent hacking but discourage most of users. Only algorithm hunters will try and if your p^roduct is not so much hunted, it would be enough without any outside stuff needed.

It could be a good way for me.
Is there any example of setting up this code with blueprint?

I think no but if you set your text to string, you can use for example len to know the length and then loop a get substring from 0 to len where you add to your intermediate code the value you want and same when completed from this number to final code. The boring part being setting code (or one by one with array (with a check on list to ignore unregistered characters) or finding a system to automate but i have no efficient idea at the moment. If someone reads this : Give your idea ^^)

Edit : to complete : you set a first array with all the characters you want to consider for your code, you set a second array with numbers equivalent to your first array. Yous set a third and fourth arrays with final code setting.
on your loop, you check the index of the character in first array, add the value of second array at same index. To the end of the loop.
then you do all modifications you want on this code (suppress 1 of characters and divide by 1010 if you do binary and a “key” based on len for example.
Then withis new code, you do the same as first step but inverted with two new arrays.

Edit two : To discourage algorithm hunters, you can add fake characters too which are ignored in final comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

Not easy…