Password Problems

I had this problem below:

     I have forgotten the password to log-in the Unreal Engine so simply I asked to reset the password. So when I have received the reset code from UE I tried to add a new password (add password + verify password) but then all the problems started as I got the reply   "Sorry, the code you are using couldn't be found." Again I thought some problems just simple happens. So I have tried to send a mail answer that I have problem with the page "Reset Password". Then suddenly for my first time I see a message " Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏ " and I can't find any solution how to contact the support or to send a mail to in order to solve a simple problem, at least I think a reset of password it is simple. And the biggest issue was that anywhere to ask a question wanted to log in which means to have the missing password or at least haven't found any other place for support.

Please if anyone can help will be appreciated
p.s. I can send mails everywhere else.

The problem is solved as finally I tried the correct password but this isn’t a solution. If anyone knows what one must do in a similar case I believe would help the answer.

that’s odd, I always thought the email address for account issues was, I am going to find the correct address and post back:).

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble! Smokey13 is correct, the e-mail address to contact the account support team is

If you need assistance resetting your password, please send us an e-mail at that address and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

well, that clears things up nicely:D

im having the same problem, it keeps saying: sorry, the code you are using couldn’t be found. I don’t know what to do, can someone help me please?

I’ve used that address, I just get an automated response telling me that e-mail address is not monitored, and tells me to visit the support forum which doesn’t help me.

Any other ideas?

i cant put in my password it tells me to re-type it over and over

#1: I forgot my password. What do I do?

#2 (if needed): Contact Account Support

I don’t know my pasword