Password locked door

Hi guys, i am trying to create a door that opens only when the correct code is entered.

I’ve created a door blueprint and a widget blueprint that contains a text box. Triggering the widget to show on viewport on overlap and here’s where i am stuck at.
How can i setup a default password for that door and then check if the text typed in the text box is the correct text so i can move forward and open the door?

Played around with Interface blueprints a bit but couldn’t find any tutorials that was helpful. If Interface blueprints are nececary for those 2 blueprints to comunicate and check theit text variables against each other, then what kind of functions do i need to create inside the Interface? What kind of Inputs/Outputs?

I hope somebody can help or at least point me to the right direction. Thanks.

Its pretty simple.
You need an interface with “Request Interact” and “Interact”.
You call the request function and create your Widget but you need a reference on your door exposed on spawn, where the code and the interface is added.
If your code is entered correctly you call interact with your door reference in the widget.

Thank you for your reply mate, couple of follow up questions if you dont mind. The “Request Interact” and “Interact” functions don’t need any Inputs or Outputs?
And when you say “on your exposed on spawn” you mean i need to drag the door blueprint into the level and then get a reference to it inside the widget blueprint?
I’m really sorry to bother you guys with things so simple. Thanks a lot!

Well it depends on what you want to do with it.
For just opening Doors, you wont need any input/output but i think its not only opening doors you want to achieve?
And here is what i mean on expose on spawn:


You could also do differently but i like this way.

Edit: Everything is simple when you know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue: