Passive Sound Modifier not activating for Media Sound Component?

So I have some videos that I am streaming in and playing videos from using the Media Player. What I am trying to do is whenever the video plays to duck all of the other audio. I have my sound classes set up and I have been able to test the sound class mix directly by setting it to a negative value so I know it is ducking the volume correctly.

However, whenever I change the duration of the mix to >=0 and I play the media on the media player the passive sound modifier I added to the media player’s sound class doesn’t activate. I’m not quite sure if this may be a bug or if I am doing something incorrectly. I have a similar set up for a Dialogue class I made and the classes and mixes look almost exactly the same.

I’m not sure if this may be some type of bug or there is something special I need to do for it to work with a Media Player Sound Component.

Edit: I also tried leaving the duration to -1 and modifying the Minimum Volume Threshold to a value >0. However, strangely even when the media player isn’t playing and I set the Volume Threshold to something like 1 or 2 the Passive Mix Modifier kicks in. No other sounds in my project have this sound class except this one sound component. So maybe I am misunderstanding but, the passive mix shouldn’t kick in unless that sound class reaches a high enough volume. This is quite confusing indeed.

I ended up removing the Passive Sound Modifier from the Sound class. Instead I pushed and popped the Sound Class Mix whenever the Media Player played and stopped playing. I would be interested in still figuring out why the passive sound modifier didn’t work but, I guess technically this issue is solved…