(Passion Project) MMORPG

Key Features:

- Modular class / ability system - equipment + acquired abilities [via quest rewards/item drops/exploration/etc] determines play style exclusively
- Destructive & constructive physics - just about everything can be destroyed or rebuilt
**- Dynamic world environment - ***NPCs / Cities / Outposts change overtime including location and layout - based on AI scripting events & player world interactions + constant development *
- Modular equipment + Leveling - *love that rusty short sword? Bring it with you to level 100. All items can be leveled individual of a characters level - fully customize it like it was a character unto itself - *All items may be sold or traded once multiplayer systems are in place, similar to FV ruleset
- Tradeskills are integral - providing meaningful equipment, unique abilities, and item modifications
- Quests rewards are novel - every quest added will provide proportionally fun / useful rewards for time invested and are not required to level effectively
- PvP & PvE & Tradeskills provide equal rewards - you are not pigeon holed into one playstyle or the other and may seamlessly transition between either at any level
- Free to Play - the game does not rely on purchase for revenue and does not support Pay2Win design
- Appearance Item Market - in house developed content and community brokered content available with competitive broker fee %
- Streamed Entertainment - streamed entertainment found in designated locations throughout the game presented in a nondetractive manner
- 3D Online Retail Stores - online retailers may represent themselves at designated locations through the game also presented in nondetractive manners allowing users to browse real world online retailers presented in a 3d space within the game negating the need to exit to a browser or open a browser window (all necessary functions handled through widget UI interactions)
- VR Control Integration - pretty self explanatory

Target Audience:

  • Platform: PC - Windows 7/8/10***]**
  • Demographic: 24-60]
  • Personality: RPG enthusiasts seeking a mixture of casual & challenging complex gameplay intergrating multiple game design metas delivered in a simplified synergistic manner contained in a world with stunning visuals / audio / music]
  • Hardware: Mid-Level to High-End with low-end optimizations made at the backend of development]


  • Scaling up network beyond the limitations of UE4 as the game grows
  • Integrating 3d store spaces & payment systems
  • Funding to scale up production
  • Anti-cheat system
  • Distribution
  • Account Security

I don’t want to make any promises I cannot keep so I have listed the project as unpaid, however I do plan to seek funding as a prototype is finalized to scale up production capacities (equipment & personnel) and cover any legal / distribution / marketing / maintenance fees on the horizon.

The game will derive it’s revenue:

  • Appearance item sales
  • Brokerage % from community hosting within said appearance item market
  • 3D retail space brokerage % (we get a % of all sales transactions made within the game)
  • Streamed entertainment placements (we get a share % of per stream instances or a straight up subscription share %)
  • Monthly subscription (provides an xp bonus & appearance item market credits)
  • Product placement advertisement in non detractive manners (ie: you wont see a McDonalds chilling in the fantasy forest - it’ll be contained within the metropolis portion of the world)

About Me:
I’ve been on the consumer side of games for over 17 years now and have hit the point where I’d like to create my own contribution to the community. I got hooked on PC gaming when I was 12 playing Everquest during PoP release and haven’t looked back since. I’m deriving heavy inflluence from Everquest 1 & 2, World of Warcraft, Fallout 3 / 4 / 5, Minecraft, Starwars Galaxies, Dying Light, Red Faction: Guerilla, Magic The Gathering, Planetside, and a host of other experiences within 17 years of heavy gameplay of PC titles.

What I can do:

  • Music / Audio production (licensed)
  • Game design
  • Environment design
  • Materials / Textures (including creating seamless & PBR & photogrammetry)
  • 3D models
  • Blueprint scripting
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Administrative duties
  • Debugging
  • Make mean bagel sandwiches

I work fulltime and work on this project fulltime when I’m not at work.

Ideal Team Member:

  • Should have a strong passion for familiar mainstream games within the PC market
  • Has played any major MMO for at least 6 consecutive months
  • Is looking for a long term project to cross the finish line with
  • Is focused
  • Can devote at least 20 hours a week to development
  • Enjoys any RPG genre & subgenres
  • Has experience in some area of UE4 or related tools (3d modeling / animations / sound / materials / textures / blueprints / C++ / network / etc)
  • Is capable of producing under minimal direction

[Current Phase] - Prototype
*Source Control: Github

[Concept Music]