passing variables to/from child/parent actor?

Hi, I’m making a door that consists of a door blueprint and a knob blueprint. the knob is also a child actor inside the door blueprint.

interacting with the knob unlocks the door, but I can also interact with the door directly, if it’s unlocked.

so I need to pass the value of the IsDoorOpen boolean between the handle and the door. currently I have an interface message/event to pass it, however it seems overkill. is there a way to do the same through a custom event or something? I tried custom event but it says the target isn’t compatible.

The Door can talk to the Knob:

And the Knob can talk back:

You can also use a direct reference instead:

So you could call a custom event here:


Or an event dispatcher:

wow, many ways to do it! and I always forget about casting
that’s very helpful, thank you!

Yeah, there’s also Interfaces but you knew that already :slight_smile: