Passing variables from level blueprint to HUD blueprint

What I am trying to do is, press ‘E’, destroy actor, set variable and on the HUD blueprint check the bool value of the set variable from the level blueprint. If it is true then display a message on screen.

I have the actor getting destroyed, but can not set the text on the hud.

I think you’re gonna need to set up or use an existing Blueprint Interface. Interfaces give you the option to communicate from one blueprint to another.

I think you’ll find answers here:

The Hunger System & the Fuel/HUD tutorials helped me get a decent handle on HUD related blueprints.

this page helped too:

read this, esp see diagram at bottom.

Declare some variable inside character BP,
SET its value from level BP
READ it from HUD and display.

Setting value:

Reading it in HUD:

To get that cast to character node, drag connection from “get player character” and start typing name of blueprint you want cast to (ie myCharacter)

I can not get it to work, here are my blueprints:


Thanks Nawrot , it took me a couple of times going through the Fuel System pick up to understand how to adapt it to what I was doing.

I have it fixed, if anyone want’s to know how just leave a reply and ask.