Passing string Value into Enumeration List

I am new user of Unreal, came across situation in Blueprint, where i wanted to pass string value into enum list created
Just can’t figure out how to do it any guidance or solution regarding


Do you mean, use a string to lookup an enum?

I think the closest you can get in blueprint is by using a switch node:


Thanks for your response, but, Iam trying control Enum drop down list by string variable

Ah, you can’t. Not as far as I know, anyway…

Not sure if I understood the intent but you could Map it like so:

Passing go would set the enumeration to Collapsed:

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Thanks i will try this option

BIG CAVEAT: Avoid using those more exotic types if the code is going to be used or may be used in the future for Multiplayer. Nod to the grayed-out replication box. :wink: BTW: Like to understand why this limitation exists, and if this will change with UE5 - anyone know???