Passing parameters to EQS Generator


I would like to create a custom generator that is similar to the ActorsOfClass generator, but will allow you to pass in an array of classes at run time. Writing the generator is pretty straight forward, but I cannot figure out how to pass in the array of classes from the BehaviorTree.

A use case would would be as follows:
There are 3 types of enemies: Goblins , Trolls , Elves
I want a Query that will give me the closest Goblin or Elf within a given radius that my character has LoS on.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time,

EDIT: It looks like Arrays aren’t currently supported by BlackBoards . Knowing how to pass parameters into queries would be good , though :slight_smile:

As I work around I’ve set up my Generator so that it pulls the desired variables from the Querier.

I was hoping to get this same type of functionality in EQS to apply different weights to different resources depending on the character needs etc. Seems like you will have to dig into C++ to add them in.

I’m looking for that too. Would have more generic generators with that can be modified in behavior trees.