passing information through blue prints

I’m trying to pass the coordinate of an object(3 vector) through a message node but can’t seem to get it to work. Does anyone know a tutorial that might help?

item_pick up.jpg

here’s my_character blue print. I created a box in front of the pawn and I’m trying to get “interactible” objects to go to that world location when hit by a raycast.


This mess here is the blue print of the “interactable” object. When the an object is hit by a ray cast it sends a message to see if the object can be interacted with.
If it can that it moves the object to the world location of the box that sits infront of the character. For some reason I can’t send the world location of the box through
Message nodes.

on your second cap, your EventLocation will never work because it’s execution pin does not connect to other node’s execution pin(white lines).
what I would try is to connect it directly to the branch node above, it’s a more reasonable solution.

also, I didn’t see where you save the reference to your Box1 variable, make sure you actually save the trace result.