Passing by reference in a custom event isn't working

I have a custom event that takes a reference of a structure. The problem is that I’m getting a warning that says “No value will be returned by reference.”

The blueprint:

Furthermore, the warning is telling the truth; the variable reference I’m passing isn’t being modified. I stumbled upon an old thread here that talks about the exact problem I’m having. One UE Developer, Marc Audy, says that this is intended, but the next post is by another UE Developer, Nick Whiting, who says this should be possible, and he’ll be logging this in a bug report.

I have no idea why this wouldn’t be possible - you’re passing the variable by reference, so it should be able to be modified anywhere. That being said, it’s three years past and you still can’t do this. Is there any way we can have this fixed?

Edit: Bump!

I got around this by converting my custom event to a function.