passing a variable to animation blueprint to control ik

Hi, I’m trying to do something that I feel should be very simple but just cannot get it to work…

What I want to do is have an object in my level that can potentially move around, and then get a character to reach out towards the object or grab it using IK

The problem that I’m having is that I just cannot seem to pass a variable with the location of the object onto my animation blueprint. I’ve tried all sorts of methods such as blueprint interfaces, searching an array of the object types etc…

I can access the location easily enough in every blueprint other than the animation blueprint and I can move the IK to a location I specify in the animation blueprint. I just can’t work out how to put the two together.

I feel as though I must be missing something… any advice on the best way to set this up?

Not sure if this is what you need, but try something like:

thanks for the reply but I’m not sure I’m totally following what this does or where that blueprint should be located?

Basically all I need to do is to pass a variable into the anim BP but I just constantly get ‘variable is not in scope’. I have no idea what this means…? Here is a simple version of my BP to show what I’m trying to do:

This is in my character blueprint. The ‘Target Actor’ variable is set to editable so I can pick the target from the scene. This part is all working fine

next in my animation BP I’m passing this value in and assigning it to a variable. This is where I’m having an issue as the variable is not being passed (I get ‘variable is not in scope’ when running the game:

finally I use this set variable to move the IK (this bits working fine provided I could set that variable):

Again thanks for any help or to anyone that can shed some light on this :slight_smile: Seems like it should be such a simple thing to do!

I’m still learning this stuff myself, but I would try to use the mesh component in your character blueprint to get it’s amin instance, cast it, then use the cast to set the animation variable. Good luck :slight_smile:

Fixed it! :slight_smile: It turns out that it was working all along… but for future reference or anyone having similar issues here’s what was causing me grief.

Having a look at the contents example file they also have the ‘variable out of scope’ once its been cast, so just ignore this. I’m not sure what that means so I don’t know if its intended or a bug or just a lack of functionality (it certainly makes things harder to bug fix though when you can’t trace your variable being passed around).

The problem that I had is that I simply needed to change the end effector in the ‘2 bone IK’ node to be in world space rather than component space. Makes complete sense really as I am passing in the location of an object in the world! Anyway that took me a whole day to work out haha :rolleyes: