Passing a function as a variable to be used in a delegate's AddDynamic function

Hi folks,

I’m trying to create a static “SafeBind” function on my game manager that allows my custom classes to bind to a OnSoftReset delegate by passing the function as a paremeter, and if an instance of the game manager exists, it handles the binding/unbinding.

I’ve figured out (through Rider’s code tips) how to get it kind of working, but it only works on types of AActor, while I need it to work on all types.

The static function in my ASGameMode class (note: the Instance variable is set when the game starts, so I can always access ASGameMode with ASGameMode::Instance).

static bool SafeBindOnReset(AActor* Actor, TBaseDynamicDelegate<FWeakObjectPtr, void, AActor*>::TMethodPtrResolver<AActor>::FMethodPtr Handler, TEnumAsByte<ESDelegateAction> Action)
	if (ASGameMode::Instance)
		if (Action == Bind)
			ASGameMode::Instance->OnSoftReset.AddDynamic(Actor, Handler);
			ASGameMode::Instance->OnSoftReset.RemoveDynamic(Actor, Handler);
		return true;

	return false;

From my custom ASActor, I call:

ASGameMode::SafeBindOnReset(this, &ASActor::HandleSoftReset, Bind);

And I get an error saying it can’t convert from type void(ASActor::*)(AActor*) to type void(AActor::*)(AActor*) which I get, I’m just not sure how to make the function work regardless of type.

I know I could just check is ASGameMode::Instance is valid in my custom class and bind that way, but I recently discovered static functions and I’m kind of excited to experiment with stuff like this. Hoping someone can help me get this working.