Passenger seat animations

Hi all,

So I spent much of the day playing with passenger seating. Specifically, I want to make an underwater dino that has passenger seats. I can get it to work, however if I choose any animation other than the TPV passenger (I forget the exact name, but it’s the animation they have for the Diplo passengers), then the passenger gets warped and spaghettified. If I select the box for “make additive animation non-additive” (again, may not be exact wording), the spaghettification stops, but it’s not the right pose. (Specifically, I’m trying to use the TPV_Lying_riding (probably way off the actual name there, but it’s the one that’s used for most large underwater dino riding.) Non-additive box makes the passenger lie flat, but keeps their arms at their sides, and is not the “look” that I want…)

Does anyone know why that’s happening? and more importantly, how to make it stop doing it?


Bump. Anyone have any ideas about this?